Cultural Heritage of the Moluccas

About the Museum Siwalima

The museum Siwalima is run by the provincial government of the Moluccas and was opened to the public on 8th November 1973. The museum deals with the subjects men, nature and cultures of the Moluccas. The collection inventory currently comprises 5.228 objects. The collection is covering several academic disciplines like ethnology, history, archaeology and biology. This broad spectrum is supplemented by the preservation and exhibition of traditional technologies and the conservation of historic archived materials and documents.

In one building is housed the ethnographic exhibition and in an other building the exhibition is dealing with the abundance of the Moluccan sea and the relation of the people with this sea. In this context the museum elaborates on the relevance of transport technologies (boats) for the development of trade. Without these maritime transport technologies the Moluccas could never achieve their historic importance as "Spice Islands".

The basic concept at the opening of the museum was to preserve the traditional culture of the Moluccas. Besides this basic idea the museum is tasked with the assistance of other small regional museums on the islands. The cultural heritage of the Moluccas shall be handed down in particular to the younger generation, but also communicated to beyound the borders of Indonesia.

With this website the Museum Siwalima would like to contribute to the publication of the productive culture of the islands and their people to the international community. The museum hopes to have established a tool to create a network with researchers and visitors from the whole world.

Adults - Rp. 2.500.-
Foreign tourists - Rp. 3 .000.-
Children Rp 1.500.-
Children groups Rp. 1.000.- (per child)

There is a small shop where visitors can buy a few souvenirs.

Guided tours:
Guides are possible in Englisch, Dutch and Indonesian. Please apply for a guide by calling (+62) 0911 - 341652
Fee for guides in foreign languages: Rp. 50.000.-

The museum can be reached by public transport from Ambon City (route Taman Makmur) - distance: 4 km.